Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Thursday training

Today first time on the ice after big break.
And exactly today really bad traffic, i been really nervous if i can did it in time. So it was close. Even not enough time for put ice skates on and no warm up :)
(my kids not made this morning nice and relax for me - start from night when 2 yrs old com to our bed and lay there all night in star-position - no room for mummy and daddy and then t morning a lot tired cry from both babies and destroyed blinds - they love play near windows and hide behind them. as result - two piece full of and destroyed)
Not did anything great at training - just warm up steps what took all half an hour session. But you can't expect more after break.
SO cross-overs (15, 5, 2, 1 - forward and back in both sides) - need good breath and power, cross rolls, snakes, 3-turns etc.
Feel excited and satisfied - I'm not in so bad conditions - still could do all this stuff. Just need better physical conditions, more trainings!
And it was really enjoyable join session, so i could watch Jules back, repeat
 what she doing, and had more energy with support. Thank you!
Great start!
see you next week! :)

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Back to trainings

Hard to believe but my break from trainings on ice was around 6 month. I been skating few times in between but never had time to do it properly.
My little one now in preschool for one day (what suitable for organizing training with my coach).
During this few months I been look after kids, doing part time job and practicing in photography. What been my passion long time. Just never had ability do it properly (just bought new camera). Some pictures below.
So this Thursday planning go to share training with my friend Jules :)
Hope its will be good and exciting experience.
And again will post more often :)

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Back to blogger!

Hi guys!
I been away from blog foe a while.
Was strange period when I had some issues and cant visit trainings (gym not look after my baby anymore and I dont have any other variants).
So I cant go to ice skating and start thinking that all goes how its supposed to be. Hard pay big money for trainings, not see much progress, having problems with babysitting (it was few times when i need stop training because baby was unsettle at gym) etc.
I decided take a break or maybe even finish do it.
It was over the month now when I not been skating. And I feel ok. Cant say that I miss ice. Really busy with 3 kids and part-time job. Feel really tired.
Just my body definitely needs some exercises. But I guess its can be just simple at home or dance lessons. ..
I just found childcare for my baby (she now 11 month old), move her for one morning a week.
Want to see how its goes and maybe go back on ice (at start without coach).
Hard to say at this point how its all will be. If I back on ice or not.
Maybe I having problems with motivation or maybe just to busy qith family (what more important for me now).
And pretty hard financially survive with 3 kids, one stable income, morgage, and high prices for everything.
Try find myself here in New Zealand I  new conditions for me from blank, after having two babies.
Nothing bad. Just so different lifestyle than what I had 3 years ago in Russia. ..
Hope find time and tell you how its all goes with my life :)
Sorry for  been silent for long time.
Hope keep in touch!
Good luck!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Thursday training

Tried to think what was most outstanding at this training....
I guess - a lot talking with coach (between elements) - she gave me a rest this way.
And another one - bang my right knee (fall down when I was doing cross overs in circle and tried to do it fast, lost concentration and now my knee blue-red colour. Not too bad, but feels a little pain when walking.
I not put ice on it straight (what each adult skater need to do!), just fast get up from ice and continue skating, showing that nothing happened (stupid thing to do!). Who bother about my brave show of? :) Health much more important but we often forget about it.
Anyway it ok. Just not pleasure detail. Training actually was positive enough.
We did cross rolls, cross overs, lie step with double inside 3turn and Mohawk. Czech step,
new step - 3 turn forward outside, change edge, keep free foot in front and do 3turn backwards. Next change foot - 3turn forward inside, change edge, and 3turn backwards without changing foot.
Then spins - upright (I keep doing spin without proper entrance, too fast trying spinning when not get right point). Sit spin - a little better but still not get position, and even move on the foot forward and back (like on swing :). need fix body better.
And at the end - loop jump. Get coach comment about hands work, and did it right with next attempt :)

So not bad training - some positive moments and some sad (like my poor knee - I bang it so many times!)

Interesting that while I became do more elements on training - jumps and spins - I really want more practice fore get better results. Hope soon I could do more practice (not only once per week).

Good luck everybody with your training and achievements!


Just come to put some pictures from my busy weekend:
Auckland botanic gardens with family
and Manukau lighthouse and regional park.

Tomorrow next training. Catch thinking that I was too lazy (tired) all week, not done any exercise, no any minute off-ice training. Bad girl! Need improve myself.

Oh! And I got first job in New Zealand! Just one evening a week for few hours - general sale person in one of biggest fashion store in New Zealand. Good for start :) Ability at least cover figure skating trainings price. And convenient hours for family. :) First day this Friday. Excited!

Positive look in future :)

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Thursday trayning

Today I was really late, arrived just before training. Even no time for warm-up.
But its ok. I did warm-up at start of training - some change edge on one foot all ice line, lie step, double 3turns forward and back, inside and outside. and Czech step.
Was a little hurry so not control body, then slower done it with good quality :)

After basic steps tried to do camel spin. Oh-oh! I just start learn it. And at this moment main problems - good entrance and fix position right.
At entrance I need find point and spinning on the top point of foot inside, move into spin with body down, push left leg body up, keep right hand behind and then move left hand there too.
Too much small details and sometimes I think about one detail and forget about another,
But 1-2 times I feel that I close to spinning, just need fix body parallel to ice.
Just time and practice help with it :)
Next - loop jump. Today I feel good about it. But not all attempts been successful, only first. Coach put my attention for hand positions in jump and after (keep left hand in front).
Then we first time tried loop-loop. Few times was ok, just need longer sit before second jump, I always try jump straight away after landing (that's not good).
And...I not expect but we even tried flip jump. I showed how I jump it and then coach showed me new entrance with few steps, what made me confused, and I spend rest time of training for tried understand entrance :) Yes, that's me :)
Cross overs back, left leg in front, than Czech step, Mohawk, move on right leg outside and then did step forward for flip. I cant did any times flip with this entrance. not understand connection and how move on right leg outside, take speed for flip.
Hope next time I will be more successful with step understanding :) and with spin and jumps, of course :)

when I cant get entrance steps, coach asked me how I did steps in my previous programs, is there was only cross overs ? :)
I said no, and promised send video with my past programs.
I did it, watch again video with critical eyes. And actually not sure what the reaction gonna be, is it really so terrible how its looks for me ...

Monday, 31 March 2014

Behind training

Im not wright any post about my last Thursday training because actually not much to tell.
I been really tired, exhausted (even before training).
Did some steps, struggle with my sit spin.
Main opening for me - about entrance - tried in upright position move free hand and leg in front and only than try to sit.
Its new experience for me, because all years I was learn that need sit and move leg at the same moment (for fast, time economy etc).
But of course I heard about other variant, just never tried befor.
I realized that pretty hard change technique. You body automatically try to do old variant but not new what coach ask you to do.
That's the main problem...

And another thinking after training - that I don't have any time for ice skating practice, just 30-45 min per week. So what I expect from this small amount of time, what progress can be?
Just really slowly! :)
So now I not expect much and move all my plans, expectations (program, competition etc) really far in my mind.

But I can say that I had great weekend :)
I was show my relative from Russia country and been away from home, kids and family all weekend - that's was great, refreshing, interesting and nice ability have rest. My husband was looking after kids and sent some happy pictures, what made me feel good and not worry about anything.
We visited Hamilton gardens, Rotorua, lakes, geysers, Waiotapu thermal wonderland, and Hobbiton (famous place for Lord of the ring fans :)

Pictures here: